Odourless for
humans & animals

Dry & without
water flush

Sustainable &

Premium add-on product

The washstand in the öKlo Classic

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6 benefits at a glance

Hart, wetterfest & total stabil

Easy & excellent cleaning

Easy to transport & assemble

No electricity required

Can be used worldwide, pollution-free

Genuine Austrian wood

Love generates happiness hormones. But do you know that feeling when you find a clean and nice-smelling toilet at just the right time? A toilet cubicle made of wood, easy to maintain, requiring no connections, and definitely relieving.

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How are the tubs changed?

The öKlo system could not be any simpler! Thanks to its robust iron construction, the tub is always in the right position – the tub change works in a similar way to drawers – pull out – push in – done!

How is it assembled?

One open-ended spanner, and you are perfectly equipped! Ideally, you have someone who can help you – but this video says more than 1000 words!

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This is how it is delivered

So that you get an idea of how your öKlo will come home to you!

To facilitate the set-up, each buyer gets a video guide – nothing can go wrong then.


öKlo Classic

The sustainably built
Toilet cubicle made of wood


TÜV certified Compost Toilet Expert


öKlo Combi

The toilet made of wood, easy to care for and definitely relieving.



öKlo Mini

Serves as a full alternative
for a water toilet.

€ 299,00


öKlo Shower

This  shower takes care of
ubiquitous cleanliness.

€ 3.900,00


öKlo LuliDu

The most beautiful urinal
in different sizes

€ 3.000,00


öKlo Washstand

Hand washing – sustainable and
with natural luxury.

€ 2.760,00


öKlo Urinal

The efficient solution for everything
that can be done while standing.

€ 4.800,00


öKlo Barrier-Free

Pure joy for all who wants
to avoid stairs. 

€ 5.400,00

In Zeiten von Corona - öKlo als verlässlicher Partner!